Let's do this!

Sierra Club

The national Sierra Club supports racial justice and equitable access to resources (and potential partner).

The state Sierra Club is working to further equitable and affordable clean energy for all South Carolina communities. They’re “organizing”. Read their rationale, goals and tool kit, which might serve as a mini-model for The Micah Project.

At 9/2/2021 local Sierra Club Zoom meeting, Penny D. Cothran, state’s Ready for 100 Campaign Director, gave an overview stating specific state chapter goals, including to help the poorest and the most vulnerable within South Carolina communities.

Voter Registration & Get out the vote

There are many opportunities for you to be involved. Contact Mt. Zion member Carolyn or St. Stephen's member Ann for ways to help register voters.

HOWEVER, time is short—voting is soon! So begin to investigate ways that you can get more people to the polls.

The League of Women Voters is a great source of information.

As you sow

As You Sow reinforces the notion that we are one group within the midst of many that share the mission of racial equality.

The non-profit group As You Sow strives to expose and change systemic racism within large corporations.