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More photos & report of Peace Walk, 10/14/2021

The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina reported on the Peace Walk, particularly Bishop Woodliff-Stanley's participation. There are a BUNCH of pictures. Check it out here.


Summary of Micah Action, 10/12/2021

First, thanksgiving to Susan Joy for her persistence to participate in the walk with everyone else as well as her serving as transportation for Bishop Woodliff-Stanley to assure her timely attendance at a subsequent meeting.

General discussion of reactions to completion of Peace Walk. Items mentioned:

  • At last

  • Moved by speakers

  • Conversations that followed the walk

  • Eyes opened by going to East Side

  • Want more of a relationship with East Side

  • Notice the dramatic differences in income from the start of the walk to its conclusion

  • Perhaps a “Welcome to the neighborhood” event

  • Engagement with neighborhood group

  • Difficulty of getting persons to attend the neighborhood association meeting

  • Not sure of the work of the Board of Architectural Review and its approvals as they relate to neighborhood standards

Conclusion is that the East Side will be our mission field—to nurture the community, serve as educational resource to develop neighborhood leaders. We have the attention of Charleston leadership.

Pastor Kylon and Fr Adam to meet with LaTonya to discuss opportunity.

All begin thinking about Action Planning for 2022.

Let me know if corrections need to be made.


Peace Walk Update, 9/28/2021

Here's a summary of what we discussed.

Beginning discussion was about signage. Barbara remarks that there would be 2 larger signs (say 2' X 1.5') with handles for carrying and 6-8 smaller signs. Verbiage on the sigh will be "Micah Project" on front and back of sign and possibly the logo from the website added. The principal color will be purple.

Fr. Adam noted there will be 60 "Micah Project" masks available for folks to wear.

Fr. Adam raised issue of transportation from St. Julian Devine to Mt. Zion at the end of the Peace Walk. Carolyn and Linda will check with their respective churches on van availability. Carolyn noted that sanitizing the van may present a problem. Greg suggested that it might be best if the van were availability early so folks could park near St. Julian Devine, get transported to the start of the walk at Mt. Zion. This might not work well as much of the publicity which has already gone out, asks folks to meet at Mt. Zion. Barbara offered her husband as a driver for a van as he has experience.

Fr. Adam showed all the flyer that Julie Hussy has crafted (attached). All were pleased with the flyer (and noted the purple color being used). Some minor edits were noted. The attached includes the edits. Greg Smith will handle some distribution, as will Fr. Adam and Pastor Kylon.

Next item of discussion was speakers along the walk. Confirmed speakers at Wragg Mall are Sara Rutledge on education and her associate John Eigelberger (??) on health care. At Hamstead Mall, the confirmed speaker is Penny Cothran from the Sierra Club. Two other proposed speakers there are Omar Mohammad and speaker from Mom's Demand for Gun Sense. The latter two are not confirmed. At the historical market about the Cigar Factory, Carolyn will speak.

At St. Julian Devine, at the end of the walk, Eduardo Curry will offer a tour to show folks around the facility.

There was discussion about eating locally at the end of the tour/walk. Linda noted that though Hannibal's was suggested as a lunch site, they are only offering take-out.

Last item was amplification (other than a bull horn) so speakers can be heard above traffic. Lyn noted that Penny Cothran has offered to assist in getting amplification. Linda is going to include securing amplification in her tasks.

Post & Courier article, 9/25/2021

Ricky Dennis, writer for the Post & Courier, wrote an article about The Micah Project and the Peace Walk. Read it here.

Peace Walk Update, 9/21/2021

Here's a summary of what we discussed.

The route steps and activities were revised as follows.

I have attached the revised map (map is also on main page).

There will be speakers at two locations along the route.

  1. Second Presbyterian Church. Team reaching out to potential speakers.

  2. Hampstead Mall Playground. Team reading out to potential speakers.

Pastor Kylon and Fr. Adam will develop the list of petitions to local government officials.

There is a question about transportation back to route start from St. Julian Devine community Center. There is expectation that Pastor Kylon and Carolyn Porcher-Wright may have access.


  • Fr. Adam to reach out to CAJM and Arm-in-Arm

  • Julie to reach out to Omar and Sara (Rutledge)

  • Pastor Kylon to reach out to LaTonja

  • The Smiths to reach out to Penny (Sierra Club) and Carolyn

  • Barbara to continue development of signage

Peace Walk Update, 9/14/2021

Here's a summary of what we discussed.

The attached map captures most of what was discussed at the meeting. In addition,

  • The time to begin was settled as 10 am.

  • Barbara Pace is in charge of signage

  • Rain date October 23

  • Sierra Club is interested in joining, especially at the environment step

Discussed but no assignment (that I could discern):

  • Meeting Street - a national park at Old Hampton Inn

  • Pause along route at Second Presbyterian

Suggested speakers but I didn't know where to put (nor do I have confidence that I have put the other speakers at the right Steps along the way):

  • LaTonya . . . - I could not grasp the last name

  • Eric Jackson, Laundry Matters

Peace Walk Update, 9/7/2021

Here's a summary of what we discussed.

The Peace Walk is scheduled for October 9; its route is shown in the attached. There will be 5 stations. Along the route, Pastor Kylon and Fr. Adam will send us along our way with prayers and presentations and maybe even song. Invitations are being sent to representative groups who may address the Peace Walkers at selected stations, to coincide with the historical significance of each station. Stations are:

  1. Historic Mt Zion—Getting started;

  2. St. Stephen's—Gathering together (is this where environmental issues will be addressed?);

  3. 75 Calhoun—Education & inequities;

  4. Fetter Health Care—Access to health care;

  5. St. Julian Divine Community Center—Housing/Gentrification and Labor (across from Cigar Factory)

    • Julie Hussey will address housing/gentrification & labor;

    • Carolyn Wright-Porcher will address voting rights & privileges).

Yet to be determined are:

  • Gathering time (10 a.m. under consideration)

  • Group partners

  • Station concepts

Partner groups under consideration are:

Topics mentioned but not placed:

  • Fresh food deserts

  • Gun violence

  • Domestic Violence (Butch Kennedy?)

Peace Walk Update, 8/31/2021

Here's a summary of what we discussed.

Steps on the route (see attached image):

  1. Mount Zion AME

  2. St Stephens Episcopal

  3. 75 Calhoun

  4. Fetter Health Care

  5. St Julian Devine Community Center


  • Walk to begin 10 a.m., 2.1 miles

  • Other groups invited to join

  • Process with local police to begin

  • Prayers at each stop

  • Focal topics: labor, education, health, leadership, free speech

  • Potential "points of interest" stops along the route TBD

  • Signage

Maybe: some to join at stops; honoring lessor-known leaders

Bus return to home bases

Planning, 8/24/2021

Summary from Pastor Kylon

Good Evening, Thursday Bible Study Scholars:

I pray that ALL of you and your families are well. We had a wonderful Micah Project strategy session today. We are committed to action and wanted to extend our best wishes to everyone in this climate. Due to the rising numbers of persons being infected and dying from the coronavirus and the breakthrough variants, we are pausing our planned in-person press conference and gathering on Thursday. We will continue our study of Micah 4.

We will prayerfully have a peace walk on Saturday, October 9, 2021, as a way to call for unity in our community and to demonstrate love in action as we name the ills that plague us in our modern times.

Please spread the word about Thursday's Bible Study and invite a friend.

Grace and Peace,