Summary, Planning Meeting, 4/26/2022

We met yesterday for the beginning study of the Acts of the Apostles. We decided to discuss instead the pilgrimage and its progress to date. We also decided to change the time of the Bible study going forward to 6:15 p.m. on Tuesdays. Here's what I heard about the pilgrimage.

  • Rev Laura has secured contracts for hotels in Birmingham & Montgomery. We will not stay overnight in Selma.

  • There are rooms/beds for around 48 persons.

    • So far: 20 from St Stephens; 10 from Mt Zion; 4 from Conway

  • A revised invitation to join is underway and expect to have distributed by email to get more persons for the pilgrimage

  • The bus company (Kelly Tours) is awaiting our finalized plans.

  • Meals will be included in the cost for the trip.

  • When costs are developed (expected by Friday, April 29), a revised cost for the trip will be generated.

    • May 18 is sign-up deadline

    • $300 deposit, due by sign-up; remainder due prior to departure

    • All monies sent to St. Stephens

  • The weekend workshop for travelers to learn more about the pilgrimage (stops, sites, etc.) is not going to happen. Instead, there will be a dinner/get-together for travelers

    • Rev Laura will communicate particulars to the travelers

  • Added to the pilgrimage agenda are speakers from Atlanta

Respectfully, Sandi

Summary, Planning Meeting, 3/11/2022

This is what I heard.

"Get out the vote" poster contest: Barbara reported on her efforts working with Eastside Community Development Corporation (ECDC) to establish a "Get out the vote" poster contest. The contest will offer cash awards. The judges for the contest are yet to be determined. Sandi mentioned her brother-in-law, Stephen Paul Herchak, who is a Charleston area artist (; Barbara suggested Mary Joan Oexmann; Kylon suggested Jonathan Green and Chuma, owner of the Gallery Chuyma ( Kylon & Rev. Linda noted that the invitation to participate should be Charleston County. Barbara reported that ECDC said they would be issuing the invitation to local schools.

Bible study: Kylon reports a chaotic time since Christmas that he anticipates will continue through Easter. All are interested in return of the Bible study. After discussion, it is set that Bible study will return, April 19th, Tuesday, at 6 pm. Mark your calendars to attend.

Pilgrimage: Two principal roadblocks.

  1. Hotel costs. Rev. Laura reports hotels contacted want $160 per night.

  2. Bus transportation. Rev. Linda contacted Scott Tours, which is closed due to COVID. Rev. Laura got one quote for thousands of dollars.

Current dates are June 6 through June 11, with an eye toward spending one day each in (Selma, Atlanta, Birmingham, and Montgomery) and having travelers home for worship services.

Discussion focused on potential for cutting back, for moving the date to later in the year, first day of school for Charleston County (August 17), Other potential impacts (Episcopal diocesan youth week earlier than July 17; St Stephens potential for Vacation Bible School on August 8), time frame for having education sessions to prepare travelers, and Rev. Laura's database of costs collected to date.

Conclusions: For now,

  • Keep the same dates (6/6-6/11)

  • Have weekend retreat to prepare travelers, May 13th & 14th

  • Rev. Laura to continue to explore hotel rates

  • Pastor Kylon to explore bus potential

  • Cap the number attending to the capacity of the bus (52)

  • Begin to develop support groups, that is those not traveling but facilitating the pilgrimage in one way or another.

Good job all around.


Summary, Planning Meeting, 1/18/2022

This is what I heard

This note serves three principal purposes.

  1. The Thursday Bible Study for 1/20/2022 is cancelled and expected to resume on the following Thursday, 1/27. Be on the lookout for changes in your emails.

  2. Micah Project Planning meeting for 1/25/2022 will likely be changed. Rev. Adam and Rev. Kylon are meeting to find a mutually satisfactory alternative time.

  3. Summary from today's planning meeting:

    • The Pilgrimage 2022

      • the dates for the pilgrimage are June 7-11 (decided at the end of the previous meeting)

      • there will be two parallel trips—one for adults and one for youth (decided at the end of the previous meeting)

      • Rev. Laura and Rev. Linda working on costs

      • Discussed with Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) which is (i) at capacity but welcomes checking back in April; (ii) requires submission of questionnaire; (iii) the trip is part of the process (refer to

      • Question for discussion: What would a community event look like?

    • Barbara found weak information on lynchings. Rev. Laura suggested contact with George H. McDaniel for guidance.

    • Financial support for Mt Carmel AME church (in Eastside; Nathan Smalls pastor) which was vandalized around Christmas time.

      • Damage estimate was $25,000.

      • Bishop Woodliff-Stanley (bishop of Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina) wants to include churches in the diocese in the efforts to financially support Mt Carmel and will be making that announcement in diocesan newsletters.

      • Susan Joy wants to made donation while giving publicity to the Micah Project.

      • Those wishing to donate may send a check to St. Stephen's Episcopal Church (67 Anson Street, Charleston SC 29401), with a deadline of January 30, 2022, so St. Stephen's can send on to Mt Carmel. Alternatively visit St. Stephen's website and donate online: Identify "Micah Project Mt. Carmel Support" on the donation.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Teel

Summary, Planning Meeting, 1/11/2022

This is what I heard

Rev. Laura and Rev. Linda gave a progress report on the planned Summer 2022 pilgrimage.

  • planning modeled on program conducted by the Sills

  • Likely to be in June (youth are available, Bishop Woodliff-Stanley available to attend, availability of youth from both Mt. Zion and St. Stephens)

  • Estimated 25-30 persons

  • Cost (from Sills model) - 5 days, all inclusive - $800

    • Fundraising

    • potential for sliding scales

    • perhaps sell shares of the trip

  • IF Youth only event, 25 young adults, 5 chaperones


  • Perhaps an adult journey first

  • Is pilgrimage for youth or for adult

  • Age of youth needs to be considered

  • Needs prep for youth

From Linda/Laura: Expect to do community building that includes:

  • Prep meetings about 1 per month until trip

  • Look at initial feelings

  • Logistics to be developed

  • Potential site visits of relevance

  • Potential participants required to attend all prep meetings

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Teel

Summary, Planning Meeting, 1/4/2022

  • Summer pilgrimage—Rev. Linda and Rev. Laura will be meeting tomorrow to discuss particulars of the pilgrimage. Rev. Linda indicates a report will follow. One concept is to engage the City of Charleston in the pilgrimage. Rebecca suggests an instruction process for potential pilgrims.

  • Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church vandalized—rocks thrown through windows. Pastor Nathan Smalls estimates the damage to be $25,000. Mt. Carmel's website has a link for contributions (see next item if considering contributions). Security cameras were suggested as a measure to try and prevent future such vandalism. Pastor Matthew Rivers (of St. John's Chapel) has a grant for security cameras and is working with Pastor Smalls on this effort.

  • Edee Blakesley, Coastal Carolina Foundation—offering advice on structure of Micah Project, in particular as it relates to donations. Ms. Blakesley suggests that donations earmarked "Micah Project" may be made through either Mt. Zion or St. Stephen's churches, approved by their Board or Vestry. So all contributions for Mr. Carmel need to go through these churches and marked "Micah Project".

  • Robert Behre, Post & Courier—regularly looking for pieces that tie into community issues.

  • January event—unable to complete the planning for a January 8th event but will combine the vandalization of Mt Carmel with the need for news from Robert Behre to create a press conference. It will be during the week of January 10 through 16, date yet to be determined by Adam and Kylon (most likely on Wednesday). As plans meld, Kylon will talk with Pastor Smalls about joint press conference, and Adam to talk with Behre about press coverage.

  • "Love thy neighbor" event—Susan Joy suggested a February "Love" event to coincide with Valentine's Day.

See you at Bible study on Thursday, beginning the study of Colossians.

Respectfully submitted,